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Memberium Secrets for Spying on Your Members – Part 2

Check out part 1 of this article.  It shows another technique you can use.

Many business owners get a really nice Memberium membership site up and running and then have no idea who's using it.  Their members are ghosts and this is not good.  It's a huge waste since knowing what your members are doing can give you the info you need to take action.

What can you do with that information?

  1. You can reach out to those who aren't logging into the site.
  2. You can encourage those that might be struggling with low quiz scores.
  3. You can give some kudos or "at a boys" to those that are succeeding.

In this video, I cover an approach we use on Infusionsoft / Memberium membership sites to get some analytics. We are using simple techniques so you know what's happening.

Part 3 of this series goes behind the scenes.