Membership Sites
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Simple Memberium Membership Designs That Work Best

If you want a Memberium membership site to get you results, you have to build it right.  This involves doing thing that may surprise and even shock you.  You are going to need 1) a good www site, 2) good landing pages and 3) your membership site.

This is where I may freak you out.  I recommend you build three different Wordpress websites.  That's what I recommend.

"Holy smokes, Batman! Are you nuts?" you might be thinking.

Let me explain.

Every business needs their www site to promote yourself.  It has what you would expect:

  • About Us,
  • Contact Us,
  • Products and Services,
  • Team Member Bios,
  • etc.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to the world.  You want potential buyers learn about you and what you do.  The point is to educate and sell.  You would likely have a button customers can use to contact you to discuss doing business with your or a "Buy" button.

You are going to need a tool or a website for building landing pages.  These are pages where you sell what you do or get people to opt-in for something free you offer them to get them on your mailing list.  There are a lot of tools like Unbounce, Leadpages and Clickfunnels you can use for that.  My recommendation is to use ThriveThemes which you install as a separate Wordpress installation.  It has a great library of landing pages templates addressing everything you can think off.  If you are Wordpress savvy, these are inexpensive and save you monthly charges charged by tools like the ones I list above.

You then want your membership site. This is the Wordpress site where your members get their membership site content.

The main reason I recommend this is because your www site is designed to educate and sell.  All aspects of the site should be focused on that goal.  Your membership site is focused on making content easy to consume for your members and for upselling members on additional products and services.

When you build this on one site, those two set of disjointed goals, conflict.  That makes growing the site and adding content difficult and eventually it won't scale.

Your www site will have a button somewhere that says, "Login" or "Member Login."  That will provide you a link so members can easily login to your membership website. That should land people to where they can immediately log into that site and get to the content they've gotten from you.

We recommend installing your membership website at "members.(your domain).com" or something similar.