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Memberium Membership Site Building Mistakes That Will Tank Your Project

When anyone takes on building their first Memberium membership site, they typically do the following:

  • They review the Memberium documentation
  • They review the membership level interfaces to Infusionsoft.
  • They learn how their tool interfaces with Wordpress.
  • They study the shortcode documentation.

This is NOT the way to do it.  Stay with me here.

I’m a Memberium Certified Implementation Partner.  I built my first membership website 8 years ago.  My team and I have build 3 to 4 Memberium membership sites with LearnDash in about 60% of them.  We’ve build sites using iMember360, AccessAlly and WPFusion.  We know CustomerHub and Kajabi well.

We understand the Infusionsoft membership site building really, really well and we rely heavily on the documentation these vendors provide. We could NOT do our job without them.

However, starting your membership site project focused on the vendor’s website documentation is just plain wrong place.

Like any website development project, your Memberium membership site project needs to start with a good design.  The design then serves as a foundation.  Everything else relies on that being the right design for what it is you are wanting to accomplish.

One mistake we see many a lot of first timers membership site builders make is they try and build a combined www and membership site.  They build their www site to the world and their membership site to their member audience using a single Wordpress installation.

Here are the reasons why this will make life difficult for you.

The focus on your www site is marketing and promotion.  It should be educating your visitors in order to establish you as an authority in your field. credible expert. You should have good testimonials from customers, blog articles showcasing what you know so people walk away thinking, "This is someone I want to call."

Paying members on your membership site don't need all these.  These people already purchases something from you.  The consider you credible and they trusted you enough to get this far.  The membership site needs to focus on:

  • Making the content easy to consume,
  • Keeping them engaged with your materials and
  • Upselling them on the additional products and services you offer.

I've seen a lot of website builders struggle because they tried to build these two sites as one.  Organizing your menu and navigation in order to serves both audiences is tough.  You’ll have issues displaying the right menu items depending on whether the member's logged into your site or not.   You'll have to make decisions between including menus and content on the site based on what you know about the visitor.

Another reason building these as two sites instead of one is Wordpress plugin conflicts.  We are NOT an fan for using a lot of plugins in any of the websites we build.  We work to minimize the unnecessary use of them.

What happens when you build your www and membership sites as one is you increase the potential for plugin conflict.  Memberium is built as a Wordpress plugin.  That’s how it integrate Wordpress with Infusionsoft.  Building two sites minimize the chance of there being plugin conflicts.