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Memberium Group Memberships – A Deep Dive How-To Video Lesson

Memberium Umbrella accounts or Memberium Parent/Child accounts bring you a lot of power you wouldn't otherwise have as a business owner wanting to sell a membership program or online course.  You can now sell a group membership. It's very cool. Our team has seen a lot of business owners shy away from using the feature thinking, "Maybe this feature is more complicated than I want to tackle."

This is NOT the case.

In ths "Memberium Certified Partner of the Month" presentation, Jorge Diaz goes over three example Memberium Umbrella configuration his team has implemented.  He shows us step-by-step how to set it up.  How goes over his team's best practices when setting up Infusionsoft control campaigns and he demystifies how to get Umbrella accounts configured.  He starts with the simplest type of set up and then goes into some more elaborate implementations.  He shows us the power this Memberium feature for selling bundled offerings to groups or corporations wanting to buy programs in bulk.

The presentation goes just over 20 minutes.  This is a very worthwhile tutorial to get yourself up to speed on this very valuable Memberium feature.