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Memberium Umbrella Accounts How-to Video Lesson – Part 1

Memberium Umbrella accounts or Memberium Parent Child account are here and I am so happy they are. They provide an extremely useful feature NOT previously available to Infusionsoft users.  In this three part video lesson, I show how we made use of umbrella accounts on a customer project to enable "parent" members to provide other users, "child" members, access to the membership.   I've divided it up into three videos.

  1. Video 1 gives an overview of the user interface we built as part of the Profile or My Accounts page to enable the parent to manage child accounts.
  2. In Video 2, I go behind the scenes to show how to configure the Memberium Umbrella account settings page and the Infusionsoft tags, actions sets and campaigns that work together with Memberium to provide the access.
  3. In Video 3, I review how I used the Memberium Umbrella account shortcodes to build the child member management page.

If you are not familiar with Memberium Umbrella accounts, the feature allows you to build a self-service interface parent members can use to give other members access.   The Memberium interfaces they provide gives you plenty of power and flexibility.  In my scenario, I am giving parent and child members the same access.  The only difference is that only the parents can invite other members to the site.  However, the interface allows you to get pretty creative in the feature and access to can give to each group.

A key feature of Umbrella accounts is that when a parent members access is removed, so is the child's.  So for example if a parent fails to pay their membership, their access is removed and all the child account access is removed as well.  This is a great feature.  In the past, build this sort of function required some API work.

Video 1

You can click here to view part 2 of this video series.

Review this lesson and please share with me what you think as comments below.