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Membership Site Lesson: Reporting Tricks for Detailed Login Tracking

Infusionsoft membership site platforms like Memberium, AccessAlly and iMember360 all have features enabling you to run an action set when a member logs into your membership site. This enables you to take action each time a login occurs.

In this lesson, I review an Infusionsoft reporting technique that I haven't seen widely used. You set markers via Infusionsoft notes and then use the Infusionsoft reports for viewing those notes in saved searches and reports. In this example we use in this lesson to illustrate this, we make use of the membership tags assigned to each member record the notes with markers in the note titles. These later get used in the reports we build so you can see exactly what happened.

Memberium and the other membership site platforms are great for building membership sites tightly integrated with Infusionsoft. This reporting technique can be implemented by anyone with basic Infusionsoft knowledge and gets you good visibility into member activity. You can then use this information to adjust your site and content to meet the needs of your audience.