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Recording Videos Is Much Easier Than You Might Think

EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS OWNER should be recording video. I recorded this short video to go over a simple configuration I've used to show how easy it can be. You may already have everything you need.

I recorded the first version of this video using Facebook Live. That's a decent option. Once you record it, you can download the video from Live and use the that video on other platforms like YouTube.

I recorded this video using Zoom. Yes! The video conferencing system has a recording feature that does a good job. I never invited anyone to join the Zoom meeting and start talking as soon as I hit record. The free version of Zoom has a recording feature that works well as long as your videos is under 40 minutes. Zoom saves the video after you end the meeting. You can then take the video from your machine and transfer to where you want to use it.

In the recording, I mention my Blue Yeti microphone. You can find that on Amazon for under $110. That's not a requirement because you can easily record the audio earbuds connected to your laptop audio port. Earbud microphones, depending on the one you have, are usually good enough.

This video was recorded using my webcam. You can definitely upgrade from that, but what I like most like about using my webcam is I have no set up. I have my office background set up so as soon as I have my script ready, I turn on record and I start.

For example, I had been using my iPhone to record videos, but I had to get the iPhone set up on a mini-tripod. That's no so bad, but then downloading the video from my iPhone to my laptop was time consuming. I found that my webcam approach works best.

I welcome you to share what you have been doing. I'm sure I can learn from other, but my main message is just do it.

No excuses.