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I Want to Record Video, But What Do I Say?

I previously recorded a video explaining how I record videos. In that one, I used my laptop webcam and Zoom for recording it. It's pretty straightforward and doesn't require buying anything.

In this video, I use different equipment to explain another easy way to record. This time I'm using my iPhone 7 in my backyard. This days is sunny which made for bright colors and you can see that the audio quality is pretty good.

Either of these approaches are easy for anyone.

I'll discuss another approach as part of this series, but now let's answer the questions, "What should I be saying?" Anyone running a business has expertise in something. Because of that, they are going to be answer the same questions over and over again by prospects and clients. That's where I would start when recording my videos. Answer those questions and that should be more than enough to get you started.

Watch the video so you can listen in on the examples I provide. That should be helpful in thinking about the topics you can be covering.

Hope this helps.