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I’m Terrible on Camera. How Do I Fix That?

A lot of people want to come across well on camera, but they are having a hard time doing that. They present well in person, but the camera thing is a challenge.

Here is some advice on another way to take your videos. As you can see in this video, I'm presenting from the driver's seat of my car. I place the my phone camera on a dashboard holder and, in this case, start a Facebook Live. I know a team of sales coaches that records their "Morning Commute" program. They present tips on better selling and they use it as a way to make better use of their useless commute time.

Now I do this with a Facebook Live which mean any screw ups are seen by the world. If you aren't read to do it live, that's alright. You can just record a video using your phone option for that and do it that way. I will tell you that a live broadcast puts you on the spot. That may be just what you need to get you going.

NOTE: Be careful. You can see that I recorded my video while in very slow traffic. Don't get yourself killed.

The thing about presenting from the driver's seat is you don't have your face in the camera. You present to the windshield the way you would if you were talking to someone in the passenger seat. I find this approach very comfortable. It pulls me out of, "I'm freaked out because there's a camera staring back at me."

If you aren't very confident presenting, I recommend observing low budget TV commercials. Watch the lawyer commercials especially. You'll see people who are obviously reading. You'll find others that are clearly uncomfortable on camera. However, they do them because they work.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others we thing do well on video. Potential clients want to get to know you before they do business with you. A video gives them an opportunity to do that. People are already doing business with you and how you present in-person seems to be working. What they see on camera isn't all that different. Our customers aren't looking to do business with professional news anchor or actor. They are wanting to do business with someone that does what you do.

So my advice is you present yourself the way you always do. People expect nothing more and nothing less. That should be good enough.

Hope this helps!