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I Recorded My Video. Now What?

The videos I recommend all business owners produce don't live in a vacuum. They are part of a sales funnel you are using to attract new customers. My videos become part of our website. I add them as video articles along with some copy to the blog page of our site.

We then promote the article in our blog via social media. All our articles get promoted via Facebook and Linkedin. Our visitors click on the articles from social media and watch the video on our site.

Getting them to our website is more important than it sounds. That's because its a critical part of our sales funnel. When visitors land on our site, we are wanting them to fill out a web form. We offer them some sexy lead magnet in hopes of getting them to give us their email address. Signups like that are ideal because we now have their email address and can send them follow up messages as part of a nurture sequence

What also strategic is we can now retarget them. Anyone visiting our site is set up to receive Facebook and Google Ads. We continue to stay in touch with them via ads seen only by our site visitors. It's highly focused which is more effective and inexpensive. Our ads spend is driven only by the number of visitors that come to our site.

Call to actions and the respective sales funnels are a big part of this. I'll be releasing a series on sales funnels which addresses questions you may have in that area.