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The Respectable Presence Website Package

Get the respect that comes from owning a professionally built website with your own Internet domain (i.e., and matching set of email addresses (i.e.,   These sites are definitely "respectable" built on a solid Wordpress platform for showcasing yourself, your business and the products and services you provide.

This package includes:

  • A domain you can use for both your website and your email address.   (Remember: A domain is the part of the and
  • Use of one of the many of which include a homepage with rotating images.  We're not cutting corners here.  This will be a top notch looking website.
  • A website homepage and an optional two or three pages providing “about us,” “contact us,” and product/service offering information.  Everyone will know what you do and how to reach you.
  • An optional blog page for posting personal articles for showcasing your expertise.
  • Three email auto-forwards, meaning you keep using your existing,,,, etc., but everyone reaches you via your professional looking business email address.
  • Site configured with client provided text/information and company logo/typeface.  The site is customized to represent your company very nicely.
  • Client provided or artist selected stock photography configured into your site to bring that website sizzle to the look and feel.
  • All the benefits that come from running on a WordPress platform so you can manage all content yourself, grow the site as your business expands and even move it elsewhere in the future (You'll be so happy with our services, you'll never want to leave.  But you can if you have to.)
  • Configured to provide detailed site traffic statistics and search engine optimization analysis  via Wordpress Stats Plugin (Jetpack),  Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • A weekly backup of your entire website and supporting database anytime your site changes.
  • Website and email forwarding hosted on at  This is a top grade cloud environment second to none in the industry.