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Promote Your Business with Class Website Package

A complete website with the extras you need for promoting your business

Get a completed 6 to 10 page website enabling you to promote your organization and deliver precise messages to your audience. Your site includes a blog for releasing periodic articles showcasing your talents, skill sets or key company specialties. 

(Blogging and promoting client written articles is a key ingredient in the our lead generation programs.)  Download our "Incredibly Powerful Marketing E-Book" for more information on this.

This package includes:

  • A website homepage showcasing your company's primary message with easy-to-use navigation to other site pages.
  • Up to 10 pages for  showcasing the different aspects of your business so your audience receives a complete understanding of your organization and the products and services you provide.
  • An blog page (which can be hidden until you are ready to use it) for publishing information as often as you like, showcasing your expertise and/or promoting your organization. The blog page can serve as the home page or as a page accessible via the menu system.
  • A Contact Us form to include all information for contacting your organization and team members.  Includes a form for receiving visitor email while reducing SPAM.
  • A recommended site look and feel making use of a collection of sample themes that will be  customized per your discussion with your Larry Jacob site designer.
  • A daily, weekly or monthly backup of your entire website delivered to you via email depending upon your site needs.
  • Site configured using client provided content and logo/typeface so it is customized to represent your company positively. (Minor editing is included.)
  • Five to 10 email auto-forwards, meaning you keep using gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc., but everyone reaches you via your business domain email address.
  • Site runs on WordPress so you can manage all content yourself, grow the site as your business expands and move it elsewhere if required (not that you would ever want to leave us).
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools configuration.
  • SEO- friendly website directory structure.
  • Google Analytics and WordPress Stats traffic reports made available online.
  • 72 hour turnaround on site change requests.  We shoot to complete all changes within 48 hour, but will refund one month’s charge if we fail to deliver within 72 hours.