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Simple Websites Can Be Stunning…and Profitable

We've recently been asked to build some simple sites for businesses here in Miami. Both are single person practices here in Miami that needed a place where people can learn about what they do.

The first is site was built for Claudia Pernudi.  See her site at She's a local Miami attorney specializing in Family Law.  She has a very focused practice serves a very niche audience and it's key that people learn about her online after getting a referral from someone.  She also wants people to use it to get follow up information about her after meeting with here.  Claudia took a recommendation that she take some good pictures.  I connected her up with a photographer that does some stunning working.  You can see for yourself the results.  Claudia got hundreds of additional photos she can use in her marketing materials.

The site is simple, attractive and to the point.  It worked on PC, Macs, tablets and phones.  More than half a site's traffic today will come from tablets and phones so it's critical that sites work well there.

A second site was for another attorney Cristina Ortiz.  See her site at  Cristina is a real estate attorney.  The site is bigger because there's more information about her fields she wanted to share with people.  She done some charity work that she wanted include on the site.  The site works well on tablets and phones and explains why her versus someone else.


Every business should have a site.  Keep it simple.