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Special Offer: Mobile Optimizing Your Website is Critical

Earlier this month, I attended the Memberium Summit where I expected to walk away with ideas for building better Infusionsoft membership sites.  I did, but I came away with a big surprise that's led me to make a September ONLY offer to help you cash in on what I've learned.  

The main speaker emphatically stressed the importance of mobile optimized sites.  At first I thought, "Sure, sure. Of course this is important."  But the speaker wouldn't let up.  He included it as part of the three presentations he gave. It became the theme of the entire weekend.

Mobile users are much more likely to make a purchase compared to laptop users.  When they are online, they are ready do something.  We must build our sites so they are ready to meet that need.  Otherwise, they'll go elsewhere.

Two of the Summit attendees already asked me to work with them to release a new version of their sites.  Like me, they saw clearly that mobile optimized sites are a top priority.  

If this is something that is a priority for you, AND IT REALLY SHOULD BE, contact me. Through the end of September (midnight next Wednesday), I'm offering a 25% price reduction on all website projects.  That makes our standard business owners website package $2,587.50 (down from $3,450).

Take advantage of this now.  We can accept only six of these to make sure we can deliver by end of October.  This discount is ONLY good through next Wednesday.

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