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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors in 2023 with these 5 Trends! Part 1

While the basic fundamentals remain the same, there are several digital trends to consider for digital marketing in 2023. We publish this blog to help local business owners make smarter, more informed decisions so let's take a look at some popular digital marketing trends for 2023 and how your business can take advantage of them.

1. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a strategy that helps businesses engage with their customers outside of the sales funnel. Companies can connect more with their audience and they can take advantage of new technologies like chatbots.

Either way, your website will become considerably more useful for visitors if it has somekind of a live chat or canned response feature where visitors can get quick answers to their questions.

2. User-Generated Content

How can you persuade online users to buy your goods and services?

You can fill your website and social media channels with beautiful photos and the most compelling and convincing copy you can write. You can even throw in a wide range of compelling statistics BUT....

.... You can only get so far with all this self-promotion.

If you really want to win over future customers, you need your current customers to publicly advocate for you by providing user-generated content. People are more likely to trust a person than a company, after all.

User-Generated Content... Okay what exactly are you talking about?

Promotional materials made by customers themselves, whether textual or visual in nature, are examples of user-generated content.   Several examples of user-generated content include the following:

  • Social media posts that include images or videos of real people enjoying a product/service
  • Video testimonials of customers talking about their most recent experience with a business
  • Customer unpacking videos showing their excitement

Many businesses have developed a stronger brand reputation by encouraging their customers to act as brand ambassadors for the business.  This trend in digital marketing will definitely grow in 2023.

What Is the Best Way to Get User-Generated Content?

Making it simple for them to write you an online review is one of the best ways to accomplish this. It can be as easy as creating a review postcard to present to happy customers. This card should have clear directions on how to leave a review, as well as a scannable QR code.

Another option (based on the situation) is to request a quick testimonial video from your most highly satisfied clients. Make it as simple as you can for them by offering to record it and provide them with talking point options if they prefer.


Offering incentives for creating user-generated content is the final option. For example, you could give customers who leave reviews special discounts. You could also run a social media contest where participants had to share a picture of themselves using your product along with a unique hashtag to be eligible to win.


3. Tools for AI

Recently, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, has been making waves online. This tool's ability to generate intricate, authentic-sounding information in a matter of seconds in response to a straightforward request has astounded users. Some have questioned whether AI would eventually replace human marketers due to this most recent advancement in a developing trend.

But don't start outsourcing all of your marketing content to robots! While it may be tempting to conceive of AI technologies as a substitute for human labor, skilled marketers cannot be replaced by machine learning systems.

The fundamental issue with AI tools is that they are incapable of producing high-quality content which Google prioritizes when deciding what should appear first in its search results. Google has made it clear that it would punish websites that contain AI-generated content. This is due to the fact that AI material is frequently inaccurate and spammy

Therefore, using AI-generated content only in your marketing materials is a mistake. For a while, you might get away with it, but eventually Google will catch on and penalize you. Visitors won't appreciate its poor quality, and as a result, they'll be less likely to support your business.

That said, AI tools still have a place in your 2023 digital marketing plan. Using AI tools for brainstorming, outlining, and research can be useful. For instance, you may ask ChatGPT to create some content for you on a certain subject, and then use that as the basis to jumpstarting your own writing. By doing this, the process of creating content can happen faster.

I continue this article with a part 2 with the last two trends for 2023.