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StoryBrand – What’s the Big Deal? – Part 1

Transforming Small Business Thinking - Episode 92
Guest: Francis Jones

We business owners have a tendency of promoting our businesses with conversations focused around what we do for our customers. We discuss our products and services. We tell them about our qualifications, years of experience explaining why customers should do business with us.

This is a...YAWN...big mistake.

In this episode, Jorge and guest Francis Jones, a certified StoryBrand Consultant, talk about the stories you should be telling instead. The goal is to keep your audience engaged so they stay interested while you confirm your role as the expert. In your story, your customer is the hero and not you.

Watch and learn how to use this simple approach to establish your credibility without spending much time talking about yourself and what you do.

If you want to reach Francis and learn more about StoryBrand, you can visit Francis mentions a StoryBrand link in the program. That link is at It contains an opt-in form that gives you access to a free resource for making use of StoryBrand in your business.

Watch the continuation of this interview.