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StoryBrand – What’s the Big Deal? – Part 2

Transforming Small Business Thinking - Episode 93
Guest: Francis Jones

In this part 2 discussion with StoryBrand Certified consultant Francis Jones, Jorge and Francis continue talking about the story you MUST tell when promoting your business. The story you tell follows the classic story telling tactics used in just about every story, novel or movie you have ever seen. You make your target customer the expert and position yourself as the all knowing guide never overshadowing the hero. It's a very insightful alternative.

If you want to reach Francis and learn more about StoryBrand, you can visit Francis mentions a StoryBrand link in the program. That link is at It contains an opt-in form that gives you access to a free resource for making use of StoryBrand in your business.

Watch Part 1 of this interview first, if you haven't seen it.