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Take a look at Social Learner for LearnDash in Action – Great Demo Site!

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 87
Guest: Ron Wilder

The Social Learner for LearnDash by BuddyBoss gives you a great platform for building membership site with communities. The package they offer gives you their theme and a set of Worpress plugins that make really good use of LearnDash and BuddyPress to build both a learning site and a site where you can foster and support a community among your members.

Social Learner is the right solution for learning sites when:

  1. Building a community is definitely something you want and you have the means to get people signed up to use it.
  2. A private Facebook group just doesn't fit because of the formatting you require and the gamification features you are wanting to add.

If what you are wanting is a LearnDash online courses platform with no community features, DO NOT use Social Learner for LearnDash.

That said, Ron Wilder, whom I interview in this video, has cracked the formula for using Social Learner for LearnDash effectively to build an extremely active community. He offers a learning program to get MLM in his community trained to grow their businesses and the community part of the program is a key to the program's success. He is using the features provided by the platform really well and has more activity than I've seen for sites with the number of users he has.

This is definitely a show case. Watch this interview and the demo Ron delivers to see how you can incorporate community gamification features done right.

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