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Uncanny Owl LearnDash Toolkit “Unsticking” Feature is Great

This maybe something you already know, but I discovered it this weekend and wanted to share it. The LearnDash problem I needed to solve is this. LearnDash lessons have a Mark Complete button you use to mark it complete. It's what drives the progress indicators students see. They can use it to track where they are in the course.

What happened a lot in one of our client's course is that students would complete a quiz at the end of a lesson and it would NOT mark the lesson complete. That gets done by clicking the Mark Complete button LearnDash displays. The button is really big and clear, but a good number of the students weren't clicking on it. Then they'd call customer support reporting that the course progress weren't working right.

I remembered the Uncanny Owl, a vendor that produces a lot of LearnDash add-ons, had something to address that. I assumed I'd have to buy one of their products and found that their free Uncanny Owl LearnDash Toolkit includes a feature for fixing this. It's called the Topics Autocomplete Lessons feature and it works perfectly. All you need to do is install the plugin and turn on this feature on their settings page and it's up and running. The Mark Complete button isn't displayed when quizzes are the last step in a lesson and finishing the quiz completes the lesson moving the progress indicators a step forward.

Mission accomplished. Hope this helps.