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Umbrella Account How-To: Giving Parents a Peek at Child LearnDash Progress

Memberium Umbrella Account or Parent / Child Accounts give business owners selling online courses the ability to sell them in group.
This useful Memberium feature allows you to build an interface a group administrator can use to invite others to the online course. So instead of selling your program one at a time, you can sell it in block.

The relationship betweeen Memberium and LearnDash is strong with some very nice integration between the two. In this how-to article, I'm going to explore using the Memberium shortcode umbrella_list_children and umbrella_ld_course_info. Using these two Memberium shortcodes allow the administrator can keep track of the LearnDash course progress. So as members get access to an online course, the administrator can take a look at how far along they are in the program. It gives the administrator better visibility into what's happening in the group.