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Watch Out! Don’t Step in That Mess!

You're walking along and "sqwish" you stepped in dog poop.  And it had to be the day you were wearing your sneakers so you now gotta clean it up out of the knobby treads.  YUCK!!!

When you are building an online course or any membership program using Infusionsoft and a membership site tool like Memberium, you have a big problem.  It might not be as gross as stepping in dog poop, but it's a practical mess that can cost you and your business money.

If you read the stats, you'll learn that online courses worldwide experience 97% churn.  That means that only 3% of all course takers actually finish.  That's a horrible stat.  Imagine anything with a success rate of 3%.  Creating any online course is tough work.  You have to get your course set up so it sells.  You have to put together all the content.  You have to figure out the technology.  That's take a lot of time and money.  Image doing all that and then your students leave as quickly as they started.

And it's not just that they left.

  • It means they are no longer paying.
  • They are thinking less of you now than when they first signed up.
  • They are licking their chops dying to buy the next thing you have to offer.
  • They aren't out here enthusiastically promoting you and getting your referral.

That's a big time loss.

I did want to point out that the last session of my Breakthrough Course Building System had an 87.5% completion rate to date.  It's a done-with-you program and that I'll soon be releasing in a do-it-yourself format.   In that program I hand hold people through my step-by-step program. It starts with doing the market research so you know exactly what it is your audience wants from you.  The research step reveals what your target audience wants which is step one in reducing the dreaded churn.