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Do You Know Your Best Buyers Like You Know Your Lover?

Do-it-yourself online courses, including those powered by Memberium making use of Infusionsoft and all the power that brings, are now at $51.5 billion a year business worldwide.  The trends is here and there's a lot of demand for these.  If that's the case, why isn't everyone releasing their own online course?  How could you benefit from a program the puts your expertise and know-how online for pay?

I was reading a an article recently and it covered a topic that's critical for people with online courses or planning on one.  That topic is on knowing your audience intimately.

I've been married over 33 years.  I was dating my woman years before that.  I've been with her for over half my life.  I know how she's wired.  I know what makes her happy.  I know the things I can do to get her riled up.

To sell to your best buyers means you have to know them that well.  I'm not exaggerating here. You've got to know your tribe of followers better than they know themselves.  That's a key to success.

If you already coach, consult or advise people in the space where you teach or plan to teach, you have a group of followers. These are people who look to you for advice in your area of expertise.  Your goals needs to be to learn why these people follow you and what is it they want from you.

This means knowing what is it about what you know that gets them what they want.   We have to get outside of what you know about your topic and explore what is it about what you know that gets people the results they want.  When we know something really well, it's hard to put our knowledge aside.  Our followers typically don't care about all that.  What they want is the solution for their issue?

Take for example a family law attorney.  Obviously, those folks need to know the law to do their job.  I'm sure someone going through divorce wants a board certified attorney with good credentials, but is that what they really want.   For a guy with a lot of money, it might mean they want an attorney that helps him keep that money.  For a mother of an absentee husband, it can mean having control of their kids so they are cared for.  For her, legally pristine divorce papers are interesting.  Post-divorce 80% custody of her children is her home run.

We are all experts in our respective field and we are contaminated by what we know. We have to get into the heads of our buyers (again we have to do the research) to make sure we describe what we do in ways that get our buyers what they most want.  It's all about results.

I'll be writing a lot more about this in the coming weeks as I highlight all we need as membership site and course builders to deliver courses that sell.

Consider my Breakthrough Course Building System.  In my last session we had a group of very satisfied course takers that learned a lot about their audience so we can present our courses to them and have them find them intriguing.  You have to make them an offer they just cannot refuse.