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Spark Your Imagination with Fast Cars and Pretty Girls

Take a picture of a 1960's Ford Mustang, GTO, or Camaro (I know everyone has their favorite) and you have a classic.  Add a pretty girl standing next to the car and you take it a step further.  Have her smoking a cigarette (I know that's not politically correct today) and, "Wow!!"

Pictures like these have been used to market everything from toothpaste to blue jeans to vacation locations.  People use them to promote what they have because they draws people's attention.  They get noticed.

If you follow my blog, you'll know I'm a huge fan of the book: Purple Cow: Transforming Your Business by Being Remarkable.  It covers the topic of getting notice in a world when everyone's bombarded with thousands of messages using every media format out there (i.e., Internet ad, TV, billboard, etc.)

I've written two articles on Purple Cow.  Those are at:

Seth Godin, the books author, goes over how to standout in a world where everyone you want to target is overwhelmed by more marketing messages than they could ever think of absorbing.   It answers the question, "How do you look like the Purple Cow in a field of brown cows.?"  (The book explains this word picture using a story from the authors trip to Europe.)

There's another book I read recently called, Facinate.  It was required reading from my business coach of mine.   It goes over the art and science of fascination.  Sally Hogshead provides an very interesting read.  She goes over boy girl interaction when they flirt with each other.  She covers how to use similar tactics as the marketer of what you sell to fascinate those you want to notice you.  It goes over what fascinates people and how you can use that in your promotional efforts dissecting how you can put that to work in your own promotional efforts.

The book focuses on revealing her "Seven Fascination Advantages" and includes a questionnaire which points out you and your business' advantage.  Then she shows you how you complement your natural advantage with other "advantages" from her list in order to best promote yourself.

It provides some really practical advice that I'm putting to work in my 2018 promotional efforts.

I hope this helps you with your efforts.