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1960’s Ford Mustang, Pretty Girls…Timeless Classics

You take a picture of 1960's Ford Mustang and you add a pretty girl and you get a timeless classic.  This picture has been taken thousands of times because it just plain works, right?

Nathalie Lussier, creator of AccessAlly a favorite Infusionsoft membership site building platform, published a blog called, 100 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read.  She's included some timeless classics in that list and I agree they are ones entrepreneurs should read.

Two in particular are my favorites.  Those were numbers 18 and 19 focused on marketing topics important to online course and membership program builders.  Those two are:

  • Purple Cow: Transforming Your Business by Being Remarkable
  • Fascinate

I've written two articles on Purple Cow.  Those are at:

The premise is how do you stand out when your target audience is bombarded with marketing messages from all directions.  It answers the question, "How do you look like the Purple Cow in a field of brown cows.?"  (The book explains this word picture using a story from the authors trip to Europe.)

I read Facinate recently.  It was required reading from my business coach.   It goes over the art and science of fascination.  Sally Hogshead provides an interesting read.  She covers the dynamics at play when people flirt with each other.  She writes about what effective leaders have that enables them to fascinate their followers.  She dissects fascination so you can put it to work in your own promotional efforts.

The book focuses on revealing her "Seven Fascination Advantages" and includes a questionnaire which points out you and your business' advantage.  Then she shows you how you complement your natural advantage with other "advantages" from her list in order to best promote yourself.

It provides some really practical advice that I'm putting to work in my 2018 promotional efforts.

I hope this helps you with your efforts.