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[Rant] Infusionsoft Is Too Hard and Expensive

I can't stand it.  I'm sure if you heard it as much as I do, you'd be mad, frustrated, pissed off and ready to barf too.  Entrepreneurs, business owners who are in the business of making money (Right!  Isn't that what we do?), sit there and complain that Infusionsoft is too hard.  They say it's too time consuming.  They whine that it's to expensive.  Oh, boy!  It requires you hire a consulting team to get it done right.

PLEASE!!!  PLEASE!!! WAKE UP.  (Do I smell the coffee brewing?)

Business is hard.  If it were easy, everyone would be a successful entrepreneur living on a sailboat in the Caribbean sipping Margaritas while they soak in the rays.

You know what's really hard.

  • Dealing with employees that aren't the best fit for my business and feeling bad you have to fire them.
  • Doing your taxes and figuring out what this new tax plan means.
  • Finding affordable health insurance when you can't tap into a big company policy.


The last one's a zinger.

My team and I build 3 to 4 Infusionsoft membership sites a month.  Some are online courses.  Others a membership programs that provide training and coaching.  They come in all sorts of flavors.  They all work with Infusionsoft.  We make use of Memberium, AccessAlly, LearnDash, and other tools that work well together to get the job done.

If you think automating your marketing is a good idea...if you want the benefits that comes from automated sales funnels...if you want to leverage the power an online course or membership program can bring your business, what non-Infusionsoft option do you really have?  I mean really.

Are they as powerful and feature rich?  Are they that much easier to use?  Are they really less expensive when you account for everything it takes to put them to work?

Think of what marketing would cost a small business just 10 or 15 years ago.  Doing what Infusionsoft does today would cost you a room full of team members using software tools you would have had to custom build yourself.  It would have cost into the hundreds of thousands.

Here's my advise to you.

  1. Decide.  Is online marketing an option you need for your business?
  2. If your answer is "yes," decide that even if you are a tech genius, Infusionsoft and the online marketing and automation it can deliver isn't a do-it-yourself project you can do right on your spare time.
  3. Put a plan and budget in place to tackle this head on and get the right team (maybe us) to support you.

Done right, Infusionsoft is a solution that's worked VERY well for a lot of business owners.  Getting it done yourself, half ass-ed as I like to call it, as a realtor or an insurance broker or body shop owner or a lawyer or an accountant thinking you can "figure it out on your own" is big mistake.

BTW, our team now offers Infusionsoft virtual assistant services.  If you use of Infusionsoft and you need an expert admin type that knows Infusionsoft, Wordpress, membership sites and sales funnels well, give us a call.  We can dedicate  one of our expert team members 10 hours a week or more to handle those mundane things that frankly, business owners and their internal teams might not be best at doing.