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Infusionsoft Email Deliverability and Infusionsoft Automated List Management

I get questions all the time from prospects and customers about Infusionsoft and their email deliverability.  I read in discussion groups people bashing Infusionsoft saying the system is flawed.  They claim that Infusionsoft is bad at getting messages to the inbox.

That's not true.  They are doing just fine.  The thing is that the rules have changed.  Before, all you needed to do was make sure people weren't pressing the "you are SPAM button."  If you kept people from doing that, you were good.

Today, the email systems, with Google leading the way, are getting smarter.  They know what people open and what people ignore and they are taking action accordingly.

Watch this video with one of my customers Mark Petree.  I explain to him Infusionsoft Automated List Management feature and how that works to keep you good.  The settings in the system are easy.  The explanation I give him explains the why behind it.