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Memberium Works Best When You Know Infusionsoft Well

We build a lot of Memberium / LearnDash sites.  These are all integrated tightly with Infusionsoft. What we find is that Memberium site owners that know how to use Infusionsoft well are the ones that do best with the membership sites we build for them.  They are the ones that:

  1. Provide their members with the best experience.
  2. Sell more courses.
  3. Have higher customer lifetime values.

This may sound obvious, but a lot of membership site owners don't invest the time necessary to learn Infusionsoft.  I'm not recommending membership site owners become Infusionsoft experts.  That's a big time commitment and it's may not be where the business owners skills are at.  A lot of membership site owners outsource their Infusionsoft work to us and rely on our virtual assistant team to take care of things.

However, the business owners that have a good understanding of how Infusionsoft works and what it's capable of doing are the ones we see do best.

Again, I hate to see membership site owners struggle to learn and implement Infusionsoft campaigns on their own.  I do want them to do some basic work especially as they start so they understand and can work closely with us as experts to promote their business and market what they have at to sell.

Along those lines, we recommend that all our customers the the Monkeypod Marketing IS Starter Kit.  I want to be completely transparent and tell you that the previous link is an affiliate link.  Greg Jenkins IS Starter Kit is by far the most effective way to learn what you need to know about Infusionsoft.  It gets you a foundation I believe you need to use both Infusionsoft and therefore your membership site extremely well.

Hope this helps.