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Simple Membership Design Is the Winner

We build a good number of membership sites.  It's now at about 4 or 5 a month.  These are sites built to make online courses, coaching programs and customer portals available to a set audience.  If the member is allowed to see the content, the login gets them to the information they want.  Non-members are NOT allowed in and are kept from accessing things.  We typically build these so non-members are taken to sales pages where we try and sell them on the thing they tried to access.

What I often find is newbie membership site builders make things complicated too quickly.  It could be they had a good experience using a membership program and they want to copy it.  It could be they're following program by a coach or adviser and they are going after something that's more than what they need now.

Regardless, simple is so much better than complicated.  It for sure makes building things easier.  My experience has taught me that it makes for a much better member experience.

Let me share with you a video tour of our The Perfect Starter Kit site.  It's the template site we make available to all our Breakthrough Course Building System customers.  This is the package we recommend for business owners wanting a do-it-yourself program for building their first Infusionsoft / Memberium / LearnDash.

Regardless of whether you are using Infusionsoft, Memberium and LearnDash, this is a model to follow.  It's a best practices design that's followed by a lot of systems like Kajabi, Teachable, Thinktific and a lot of membership site building platforms out there.

Following this simple approach will get you a winning solution.