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Ever Get Dog Poop on Your Sneaker?

Don't you just hate stepping on dog poop.  It's even worse when you're wearing sneakers with treads.  Try to dig out the stuff from the little notches  - YUCK!!!

Dr. Carrie Rose is a doctor on course development and in a recent email she sent me she shared "the dirty little secret of online courses"  You know what it is.  It's customer churn.

It's not as disgusting as the dog poop on the sneaker, but its much more damaging.

According to the doctor here, online courses worldwide experience a 97% attrition.  That's so pathetic.  Imagine anything in life failing 97% of the time.

Creating an online course is tough work.  It takes a lot of time, money and persistence looking to get people into your course.  Then imaging having to deal with these members leaving as quickly that they arrived.

And it's much worse than their just leaving.

  • First it means they are no longer paying.  Ouch!!
  • It means they no longer think highly of you.
  • It means they are not buying the next great thing you have to offer.
  • It means they are not referring you to the people the know and care for.

It's a major loss.

Dr. Carrie has a lot of great information in her new book, The Completed Course.  I'm going to be sharing them with you in the coming weeks so you get the scoop (pun intended) for keeping people in your course and avoiding the dog poop - I mean the customer churn.

I did want to point out that my Breakthrough Course Building System has a 87.5% completion rate to date.  It's a done-with-you program and that mean a few people didn't want to put the time in to get the work done.  It happens. In that program I hand hold people through my step-by-step program. It starts with doing the market research so you know exactly what it is your audience wants from you.  The research step reveals what your target audience wants which is step one in reducing the dreaded churn.