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What Do Tunes Have to Do with Internet Marketing?

Music may not mean much to your version of Internet marketing, but music means everything to Jermaine Griggs.  He’s Infusionsoft’s 2011 Ultimate Marketer for his online piano lessons business.  I was there at InfusionCon 2011, Infusionsoft’s user conference, and knew he would win as soon as I heard all the nominees present their case.

Jermaine’s been pretty quiet since winning his award, but I found out recently he’s got a new offer.  He launched Automation Clinic. 

What he’s done is packaged up the approach he used so successfully to promote his piano lessons and made them available as an online course.  While driving back from a college open house with my daughter a few weeks back, I put on the iPhone ear phones and listened to what I thought would be a sale pitch promoting his course.  

Apparently that's not Jermaine's mode of operation.

Jermaine filled the 3 plus hours of his FREE giveaway with 3 plus hours of implementable advice.  It’s so worthwhile I made it required reading for all my team members.

Throughout the video, Jermaine plugs the plugins he includes in his paid course saying they simplify implementation, but his FREE step-by-step works perfectly.  And he takes such a laid back tone in his recordings you never want to put the thing down.  He's like a fun uncle telling you a story.

Jermaine covers his savvy approach at a higher level first then shows you step-by-step instructions for implementing the solutions in detail.  He stresses the importance of understanding how frequently contacts show interest in your material.  How frequently they open?  How frequently they click?  How frequently they opt-in to your web forms?  How frequently they watch your videos?  That’s part one of the formula.

The second part he stresses is how recently they responded.  If they clicked all over your material and watched all your videos, but a full year has gone by, you cannot assume they are a hot lead any more.

Jermaine then shows how to implement the Infusionsoft action sets, campaigns and other Infusionsoft components needed to make it all work.  This is all based on measurable behavior segmenting your contacts based upon their actions and moving them along your sales pipeline.  He makes use of lead scoring collecting information from all your points of contact in order to move contacts down the sales funnel.

The one tip I found most interesting is his approach to detecting and taking action on an email open.   Infusionsoft doesn't provide this function.  Jermaine refers to how to do this in his first video, but I figured out how it works by reading his response to a listener in the comments section provided beneath the video.   You insert an invisible IFRAME tag in the email so it automatically calls an Infusionsoft automation link.  Duhhh!  It’s so brilliantly simple I can almost kick myself for not thinking of it myself.

I plan on purchasing a copy of his Peak Potential Profits Program (PPPP) when I catch my breath from a week out at InfusionCon.  I could go on and on about this, but this non-affiliate (which means I won’t get paid for sending you to ) is highly recommending Jermaine’s FREE material and will write about his paid material in the coming weeks as I dig into all the great stuff I'm sure he's packed into it.

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