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What is Infusionsoft?

If you want to learn all about Infusionsoft start with their features page (  Here are some words right off their page:

The only all-in-one sales and marketing software built for small business. With Infusionsoft sales and marketing automation software, everything you need to get more customers, grow sales and save a whole lot of time is right at your fingertips. It's your small business CRM, e-commerce, email and social marketing solution all in one place.

Here is what I believe are the three top things Infusionsoft brings to small businesses:

  1. My favorite part of Infusionsoft is the Constant Contact email features.  It has powerful outbound email features and Campaign Builder that enables you to orchestrate complex email marketing sequences to doing anything you can envision.  It also enables you to do the same for texting, hard copy letter delivery and voice phone calls.  (Some of these features require third party add-on.)
  2. Infusionsoft is a contact management system (CRM) which is the primary reason I stopped using iContact and Aweber.  (I still use them for very specific types of work, but Infusionsoft is what I use for myself and 95% of my clients)  Prior to finding Infusionsoft, I had no way of know what my contacts were doing.  I had little visibility into how many opens and clicks they had in a sequence of email messages I sent them.  If I wanted that visibility, it required a lot of manual spreadsheet work.  Worse yet, I could NOT take different actions depending upon how they interacted with my messages.  (I have other articles describing how to use campaigns to orchestrate these flows and take action based upon contact actions.  Check those out to learn more about this.)
  3. Infusionsoft  provides you with a dashboard where you can enter notes, send email messages and track opportunities like you would using something like  It’s what a salesperson needs for tracking their interaction with contacts, clients interaction with any messages sent to them, etc.  It's where you can got to decide “what to do next” to move them down the sales pipeline.
  4. If you purchase the Plus or Premium package, you will also get the E-commerce module.  That enables you to provide online sales features like shopping carts and order forms charging these items to the client’s credit card.  It stores this information in the contact records (all in a PCI compliant form so you are good with your merchant services people) so you can have all interaction with a given client in one place.

I’ve probably oversimplified what all Infusionsoft does, but this gives you a basic overview of the features it provides.

I use Infusionsoft extensively for my own marketing and have committed my consulting practice to providing Infusionsoft consulting and virtual assistant services to my clients.  It is a tool any small business owners can use, whether information based or brick and mortar based, for generated sales and automating processes.