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What Is Your Customer’s Dream Day

Do you now what it is your customers dream about when they think SUCCESS?  Can you picture with 100% accuracy?

If you haven't, your are missing the mark.  Your online course, your offer, your service, your product isn't selling like it should.  You're leaving money on the table.

No one wakes up in the morning thinking, "I need to take this course" or "I need this product." They do wake up dreaming what life would look like if they overcame the challenge their are facing.  They do wake up shocked that the problem you can solve for them is still there staring them in the face.  They are thinking how much better life would be if they could get past that fear, that frustration, that challenge that is piled up ahead of them keeping them from what they want.

The key to selling them your solution, and I go over that in my teaching video below, is to understand that dream along with the challenges they are facing and come up with an answer to that for them.


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