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Noone Benefits If Your Course Sucks – OUCH!

I look over a lot of people's online course materials and I think to myself, "Who really benefits from this?"

I'm not trying being the jerk here.  I'm just being real.

The course owner isn't benefiting. The course isn't selling.

The few students who have signed up may kind of like it. They may benefit.

There are all the people that didn't buy it. They completely missed out.  No benefit there.

It's a real shame especially if what you have to offer is valuable.

What can we do to change this?

When selling a course, you have to get into the buyers head.

What is it they need?

What do they want?

What is their real pain?

What keeps them up at night?

What does pain relief get them in very specific terms?

They are wanting to achieve some end state (let's call it their dream) and they wonder if your course is the answer. Does it get them past their initial concerns? Is the offer tailored right for what it is burning inside them?

You have to really understand your audience and how it perceives what you teach or else you spent a lot time and money and you get nothing.

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