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What’s the Ultimate Nightmare That Destroys Your Business?

Miami has a revitalized area called Wynwood that's really unique. It's worth a visit if you've never been there. You can take a look at my video for a dose of what it has to offer.

If you had been there 10 / 15 years back, that area was a dangerous, rotting slum. It was originally a warehouse area where small business ran manufacturing of different types, but it fell apart and died.

Take a look at my video to see it now. Innovative entrepreneurs have turned into the place to be with restaurants, breweries, and a vibrate nightlife.

I bring this up because we can all become "has beens" quicker than you can blink. I know that's a cliche, but we've all got to be on the watch for the disruptor ready to topple us and the industries where we flourish.

In my latest video blog I challenge you to look at your business status quo and rethink how your customers see your business. Analyze what can potentially happen that turns what used to be a very successful business or your industry into nothing. What is the next Uber, Netflix or Amazon that can change the way people buy what it is you do today.

I don't want to be predicting your worse nightmare, but better me wake you up that reality versus having it creep up on you and lead to your demise.