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Where Is Your Online Marketing Homebase?

When you are a specialist of some sort, you need a "homebase."  This is the place you send people to learn more about you.  It's typically a www site, but why not consider using a membership site to implement it?   There are so many advantages.  Let me go over them with you.

Transcript:  When you're building what I like to call the profitable online you (visit, you have to take people to your homebase. It's got to be a place where people can go over and over again. It's the place where they get to know you.

Typically, that's going to be a www site.  For example, for me if you visit you'll see pictures of me.  You'll see our blog.  You'll see our services.  You'll see information about hiring me as a speaker.  That's my homebase.

Something you can consider if you're a speaker, a coach, someone that has a lot of niche or industry specific information, you can take them to a membership site.  The nice thing about a membership site is you have a lot of control over what the person sees based on who they are and what they have done. So for example, for someone that has download a lead magnet, you can show them something to promote the next thing you want to sell them.  Often time we call that a tripwire or a low priced offer which they don't have to give much thought to purchasing.

If they are someone who has taken the next step, they are technically a customer because they have purchased something from you, now you gear the website for them promoting your core offering.  That can control control everything they see from the the blog posts they see.  It can control the ads or any offer you make them.  Then you can make very targeted and specific tracking so you know where on the site they have been, how long they have been there and what are the things that most interest them.

Then you can develop your sales funnel that much more precisely based on their actual behavior.  it is definitely something to consider.  A lot of people back off from this thinking, "It's a membership site.  It's too complicated. People aren't going to be able to figure it out."  There are very easy ways to give people links they can click on and the next thing they know is a log in happen. They didn't even realize a login happened.

This is defintely something to consider to promote yourself most effectively.