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Where’s the MASSIVE Leak in Your Sales Funnel?

If you understand email and content marketing, the following should sound familiar to you.

Approach Number 1:  You send someone an email message with a link to something on your website.
Approach Number 2: You work on search engine optimization so your site comes up when people search for a specific keyword or phrase.

The next step is to offer them something valuable.  You give them a FREE report or video or something else to see if you can get them to part with their name and email address.  Once you have that information, you begin an email campaign to continue the hunt.  Right?

Well what happens to the visitors that never sign up.  You should expect that to be a good number of your site visitors.  You are completely ignoring them.

That's the really, really, big and massive leak in your sales funnel.

This is where remarketing can help.  Remarketing (sometimes called retargeting) enables you to show ads to users who've previously visited your website.  Typically you id people who have visited your site and your ads "target" them or follow them around the web as they search sites that display ads.   Some of the players on the market are Google Retarget, Adroll and ReTargeter.  The all provide similar functions enabling you to display ads to people who have shown some sort of interest in something you offer.

It reminds me of the sci-fi movie "Minority Report" where the outdoor advertising scans your eyes to identify you and target its ads.  Early on in the movie, Tom Cruise's character is shown ads that an English speaker would expect.  Later in the movie, he has his eyes surgically replaced with the eyes of an Asian man and all the outdoor signs all speak to him in Japanese.  As far fetched as that sounded when I saw the movie, that same approach is now used with a cookie on your browser.

This feature is not difficult to implement.  You sign up for the system, fund an account as you would with Google Adwords and with a little configuration, you are up and running.  This enables you to plug this massive leak and stay connected to people who would otherwise never hear from you again.

Here is something you can consider.  These people who visited your site, won't understand that you have something to do with this.  They'll just start noticing that your ads are popping up a lot when they visit sites like or other places showing ads.  The impression you'll leave with them is that you are a big player.  They think you have a VERY large advertising budget because your ads are everywhere.

Even if they pick up that you are targeting them specifically, they will still be impressed.  They'll be thinking, "They know their stuff.   They figured out how to stay with me based on something I did."

You can have a little fun with this.  What if you featured ads that said something like, "You are clearly interested in XYZ.  Take advantage of this special offer."  What if you followed that up with ads that said, "I know you are interested in XYZ.  Don't deny yourself any longer."  Push it a little further and say, "Don't deny it.  These ads are spooking you out.  We know where you live."

If you were advertising Universal Horror Nights, this might be the approach you take.  Otherwise people will be too creeped out to consider doing business with you.

But just think what you can do with something like remarketing for your business.

Feel free to share with me below what you think about this.

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