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Revenue Conduit: A Welcomed Infusionsoft Shopping Cart Alternative

Revenue Conduit was a real find for me the last day of Infusionsoft's ICON14.  This was my fourth Infusionsoft user conference and by far the biggest.  In the past, the booth space in the venues were "not that professional."  They almost appeared squeezed in there since the venues were not really set up for expensive show booths.

This years for the first time, this experienced show attendee saw what he considered to be a real vendor EXPO.  There were several dozen vendors lined up in a nicely set up and comfortably laid out room where the vendors could "do their thing."

On that last ICON14 day, I perused EXPO curious if there were any other vendors I should consider meeting.  Because there were so many flyers for Revenue Conduit, I figured I would drop on by and hear them out.   I walked up to the Revenue Conduit booth asking, "So what do you do?"

The guy across the table was Daniel Kurt.  Little did I know he is one of Revenue Conduit’s two co-founders.  He along with college buddy Parag Jagdale founded the company.  As he explained to me what Revenue Conduit does, my interest rose.  These guys are enabling me to free myself and my customers from the grips of the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

The Infusionsoft shopping cart is one of my least favorite Infusionsoft features.  It not why Infusionsoft users buy the system.  It has so many shortcomings and cannot be modified to meet the needs of a lot of clients.  But it is the only way you can have your customers purchase items from you and reap the benefits that brought you to Infusionsoft.  Shopping cart purchases enable you to see who is buying what and market to your customers based upon their buying behaviors.

Without the Infusionsoft shopping cart, you cannot customize offers so someone who buys one item automatically gets offered another closely related item.  It's a compromise you have to make since even a weak check out experience is better than a super checkout process with no Infusionsoft integration.

Revenue Conduit enables you to overcome this limitation tapping into the powerful features of solutions known as "real" shopping cart solutions.  So you get the best of both worlds.

A few minutes later, I walked over to the Infusionsoft ICON14 main presentation room and what do you know, Daniel and his buddy are up on stage accepting an award.  They beat out four finalists in Infusionsoft's Battle of the Apps competition.  This is a big deal and solidified in my mind that these guys are not just folks that sprung for a booth at ICON14.  They are a real solid bet.

So what does Revenue Conduit do?  It frees you from having to use the Infusionsoft shopping cart, store front, and order pages while still enabling you to track what's going on in Infusionsoft.  It allows you to use more highly functional shopping carts (they support Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce and Volusion) yet still market using the powerful Infusionsoft features.   You reap the great features of these other shopping carts and still enable you to target your marketing depending upon the buying behaviors of your customers.

I'm glad I spoke to Daniel when I did.   Right now I have two customers that need a more versatile shopping cart experience and were willing to sacrifice that function in order to keep sales connected to Infusionsoft.  Revenue Circuit and it's connectivity to Infusionsoft has brought us that value and we'll all be happier as a result.

Hope this helps.

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