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Why Smaller Can Become Huge for Your Business?

I've seen a lot of consultants make a big mistake. They have a solution and it's a good one.  It's something the prospect needs.  Then they work to sell the entire thing all at once.  This makes selling to first time clients more difficult.

They fail to get inside their prospect's head.  Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but easing into a relationship is usually a better than saying, "Here's a $20,000 solution.  What do you say?"

People often find me while searching for terms like:

  • "Memberium expert"
  • "Infusionsoft membership site expert"
  • "Membership site consultant."

That gets them to an articles or a page on my site where they begin to check us out.   They are wanting to know if we have what it is they need.   If they see what they are wanting, they take the next step and call us, fill out our contact us form or connect via our website chat box.

We provide a lot of information on our website and doesn't just explain our capabilities.  It shares with them who we are and why we do what we do.  My team and I need to be a person to them and not just this corporate entity that offers features.    The best case scenario at this point is the like what they see and are now thinking, "Are they for real or is the website smoke and mirrors?"

I know as a seller, I organize my sales conversations so it addresses this concern.   The likely know what we do by the time they're talking to us.  Now we need to build some trust.  That's where offering a small initial engagement instead of a large project works well. This fits well with our deliver process anyway, because we always start with diving into their problem to make sure we both understand what our client needs.

That initial engagement then is where the real sale come.  We now have a much tighter relationship.  The are clear that we have the expertise they need.  Offering something that's bigger and more comprehensive comes naturally.

If you want to learn more, visit "The Profitable Online You" where I cover this in much more detail with ideas for fixing this.