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Going to Prison Is Not So Bad

I've been in prison as a visitor. You get in there and you meet some interesting characters.  When you enter you have the guard asking you all sorts of questions.   Their big concern is contraband.  They don't want you bringing in weapons, drugs and cell phones.  You can't bring in any food.

I've never done any time in prison myself, but as I've shared before in my blog, I visit the jail about once a month and in the fall I'll be heading up a one day retreat for the prison residents. (We don't call them inmates.)

Now I'm a good guy.  I was the type in school that got the grades, did sports and stayed out of trouble.  When I made my first visit there, my expectations were shaped by what I see on TV and the training I received.  I was intimidated.  They even give you this electronic gadget you can press if you are in danger.

Now that I'm a regular, I look forward to the visits.  I'm going there to visit people I know.  What I've found interesting is that, unlike what I expected before I went in a few times, the residents I've met are more like me than I would have thought.

I have gotten to know a few of them. As I've shared before, one of the residents shared with me that he met his newborn grandson.  He was the proud grand dad.  This big guy cradles his arms like he's carrying a baby and tells me, "I was carrying this little guy remembering how it was only yesterday I was carrying his mother."

When I told him my daughter recently getting married, we connected.  Our daughters are close in age.  Then he goes and tells me, "Wait until you have your first grand kid."  We are both in our 50's and at our age it becomes clear how we need to make the most of it.

When I reflect, it's clear I spend too much time working.  I'm working to make my digital agency less dependent on me.  When I think about what's most important in my life, the time I spend on my business versus the time I spend doing what's most important are unbalanced.  My relationships are really important to me.  I've been married to this great lady 33 plus years.  I've got three daughters I love and now a son-in-law who's like a son to me.

Now as I'm looking at my midyear numbers and setting goals for the remainder of the year, I recognize that my biggest reason for wanting to reduce my business' dependency on me, is so my time gets more aligned with my priorities.

  • My business does allow me to work with business owners helping them to grow their sales.
  • I'm helping them with Infusionsoft / Memberium and other membership programs and online courses that can have a huge impact on their business and their lives.
  • I what I do as a vocation and even as my ministry.

However, those other things are what's most precious to me.  They are a real part of who I am and I want anyone meeting me to very clearly witness that I have my priorities set right and that I live my life in balance.

To this end, my mini-course "Building and Selling Your Online Course PROFITABLY" is aimed at showing you how to make the expert knowledge you have into it's online equivalent.  It can be a do-it-yourself online course or a coach led membership program.  It's FREE and can get you started down the path to a lot more independence.