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With the Right Help, Infusionsoft Will Change Your Life. Really!

I attended my first Infusionsoft user conference to learn more about the product and how to best work with customers needing help.

Now I'd been to lot of events like this.  The audience is typically filled with techies just like me wanting to learn more about the tool.

I was floored when I saw the place was filled with:

  • pastors,
  • travel agents,
  • roofers and
  • people running collection agencies.

I left there thinking, “These folk are up against a huge learning curve I wouldn’t want to have to face.”

When Infusionsoft released their Campaign Builder, it’s a huge step forward. It is so much easier to use that the legacy features in replaced. But what I’ve learned is that Infusionsoft usability isn’t the problem. The problem is knowing Infusionsoft best practices and knowing how to configure the tool meet your business goals. What is the business is wanting to achieve and how do you best use Infusionsoft to get there?

See that’s why I came up with the our Gap Alignment Process. We start every project with a customer discussion focused only on their business goals. What do they want to achieve? That’s what’s critical. It’s only after we understand their goals that we start talking solutions because it’s the mix of knowing the customer’s goals with a strong knowledge of Infusionsoft best practices that gets you results quickly.

Visit our Larry Jacob GAP page to learn more about our processes and how they can help you.

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