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5 Really Good BuddyBoss Add-Ons for the Ultimate Community and Learning Site

BuddyBoss is an ideal platform for building online communities. You can use it to add member-to-member communication, social media feeds/forums and other features so your members can engage and interact with each other.

The problem is that as good a tool as BuddyBoss is, it doesn't get you everything. It shouldn't, but let me explore five really good BuddyBoss add-on we typically use in our customer implementations for deliver professional and elegant final solutions.

BuddyBoss Developer Recommended Add-On #1 - BuddyBoss Theme

I wrote an article you can find at where I explain exactly what BuddyBoss is. The platform is extensive. Techically, it's installed as two Wordpress plugins that together get you all the feature. When you purchase BuddyBoss, you also get the BuddyBoss Theme. This is a theme custom built to work with BuddyBoss and its built by the same people.

It really gives you the features best suited for working with it. We've had people request using another theme and our team of BuddyBoss and Wordpress developers can do that. However, working with their theme is our recommendation unless you have specific requirements that cannot be met with it.

BuddyBoss Developer Recommended Add-On #2 - WooCommerce

BuddyBoss Developer Recommended Add-On #3 - LearnDash

BuddyBoss Developer Recommended Add-On #4 - Vimeo

BuddyBoss Developer Recommended Add-On #5 - MemberPress

BuddyBoss Developer Bonus Recommendation - Memberium and Either Keap or ActiveCampaign