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7 Memberium Marketing Mistakes That Make Me So Angry – Part 2

Here's the second part of an article I released earlier on marketing mistakes to avoid.  To read Part 1, click here.

Advice #4 - Tell a Good Story

You can explain things, describe things and talk about things.  People won't remember it.  Tell a good story and people will never forget.   I visit a lot of websites where I cannot find anything about the owner.  I'd like to know why they started the business.  It would be interesting to hear about what it is that drives them.  They always include product and service information.  The problem is they're missing a story.  It doesn't have something that helps me remember them and like them.

The name of my business is Larry Jacob.  My dad is Larry.  My grandfather was Jacob.  I get the question, "Who is Larry Jacob?" at least once a week.

So I recorded a video of me telling the story of why I named the company that.  Visit our home page and you'll learn about how my family left Cuba for Miami when Fidel Castro took over.  It's a part of who I am and I share it so people get to know something more about me than that we build membership sites and over virtual assistant services.

People remember stories.  They forget facts and details.

Everything promoting what you do should be packed with stories.

Advice #5 - Nothing Goes as Planned

You have to be prepared.  However, way too often I see entrepreneurs panic when something doesn't go as planned.

Suppose you get a booth at a conference.  You end up getting that corner booth with no traffic.  You couldn't tell from the floor plan you were given. Suppose you start an ad campaign and no one clicks.  You thought your banner design was perfect and it wasn't

When running your business, assume Plan A isn't going to happen and have a decent Plan B ready to go.  Be prepared for the unexpected and see what opportunity it gives you.  Remember, every business owner is up against that same lack of predictability.  The ones that see these as opportunities and are ready to pounce on it are the winners.  They are the ones that will see it and and improve their chances of succeeding.


Advice #6 - Perfect is the Enemy of "Good Enough"

I know perfectionists.  I'm not one of them.  They will not launch a campaign until every single part of the campaign one hundred percent.  You don't want to wing it, but holding out for perfect is a big mistake.  What I like to do is get something out quickly taking small steps.  Then work on the next step based on what you just learned.  It's like just in time campaign building.  It keeps you from waiting to launch something that would be best to launch more quickly.

I've seen too many business owners paralyzed, overwhelmed and held back in their promotional efforts and in other aspects of their business because they perceive what they have isn't perfect.


Advice #7 - People Matter More Than Anything Else

Please do use the Internet to identify potential prospects.  Use it to make an initial connection.  Then after making the connection, work on the relationship in the traditional sense and not necessarily the Internet sense.

Set up a phone call or Skype with people.  Get to know them.  Make sure to learn about them, their family, what it is they like.

I'm a long distance runner.  I enjoy drinking red wine.  Family is important to me.  Involvement in church is a big deal to me and I'm involved in prison ministry.  When people take an interest in what interest me, I appreciate that.  Don't you think I might be more likely to do business with them everything else being equal?

Social media is great way for getting to know something about people.  Learn what they like, how they spend their time, what music they like.  Use it..

People do business with people and not with businesses.  What you know from relationship building in the "real world" applies to the online.  Don't throw out common sense in favor of online tech advice.

Hope this all helps!