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I’m Going to Slack Off on Purpose

Recently, Greg Jenkins, a fellow Infusionsoft partner published an blog article called The Hustle Trap.  Take a look.  It's a good one.  He records a video sharing his struggle with working hard as an entrepreneur and falling short.

Here he is with his Monkey Pod Marketing Infusionsoft training programs.   It's a program I recommend to anyone needing to learn Infusionsoft.  It's important that my customers become good at Infusionsoft.  It's a key skill they need in order to make most of the membership solutions we build for them.  So I depend on him.

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I know he works hard, yet here he was several weeks into the New Year and he hadn't published his first blog post for the year.  He did spend some time visiting with family during the holidays.  It looks like he recharged the batteries.

In his video, he compares himself with "everyone else" who instead were:

  • Announcing their plans for the year.
  • Emailing out their goals they had set for 2018.
  • Boasting about how 2018 was going to top 2017.

Greg was barely out of the starting blocks with his first blog post.

I know that trap.  I've had times when I've got a million things to do.  The weekend comes by and I planned to get caught up by working all day Saturday. Then my wife asks me to go to the grocery store.  After 33 years married, we still enjoy doing that together.  That leads to lunch and a pleasant afternoon together as a couple.  Monday does rolls around and I'm kicking myself for letting myself fall behind like that.


I'm with Greg.  I'm going to excuse myself for being human.  I'm going to allow myself NOT to work 24/7 and I'm going to cut myself some slack.   I am a serious planner.  I did finish reviewing my goals for the quarter.  (I set them back in 2017 and review them as part of my planning for the week exercise.

It is now all about growing my business INTELLIGENTLY.  I will be working hard, but I am most focused on the key things that drive success.

It means getting myself out of the day-to-day.  It means spending time on - get this - being a business owner.  That means the proverbial working more "on" my business and less "in" my business.  It means working smart to:

  • become more effective with my time,
  • leverage team members that often times do things better than I do, and
  • offer online marketing and membership solutions that don't 100% depend on me doing the work.

I'll be sharing more on this as the next few weeks go by, but for now I'm going to get a cup of coffee and I'm taking a break.  I've earned it.

Hope this helps!!