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But What If My Course Won’t Sell?

A few months back, I met a real estate coach that had a very comprehensive library of online courses.  She offered them to agents as an online membership.  She followed a Netflix like model.

The membership was full of information for new and experienced real estate agents.  It was design to help them:

  • market themselves better,
  • get more listings,
  • sell more homes, and
  • grow their business.

It addressed the majority of what agents need for marketing and selling their services.  It provided instructions for running Facebook and email marketing campaigns to generate leads and grow their businesses.  It was everything they needed.

This coach experimented daily using different approaches for connecting with real estate agents that could use her program.  She knew her program was good, but she could NOT get it to sell.  She had another problem.  The agents that did buy, didn't stay with her program for long.

This real estate coach signed up for my Breakthrough Course Building System.  Because of that, she ran some marketing research.  She followed the step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions provided by the System.  It enabled her to make some discoveries.  She identified mistakes she was making that kept her from connecting.  Her mistakes, in particular, are ones a lot of experts make because they know their topic so well.  Their own expertise keeps them from attracting the clients that most need their services will pay the most for them.

Because of that, she made changes to the way she marketed and sold her online courses.  She developed a consist and repeatable process for attracting clients.  She reorganized her course contents and how sold them.  She did this without having to recreate new course content.  The program is now selling and has enabled her to raise the prices she charged for her one-on-one consulting.

She has now overcome the obstacles that were keeping her from selling her system and keeping agents in her program long term.

Speakers, coaches and expert with knowledge to sell online, should at least review the details of my Breakthrough Course Building System.  They need to follow a proven, step-by-step program that includes market research so their membership sites use best practices for converting their their knowledge and brilliance to an online program effectively.