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Promoting Your Challenge Using Stupid Simple Facebook

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 74
Guest: Karen Magill

I've seen people get all complicated and sophisticated promoting their membership programs and other offers. They then use services from a team like ours to build their membership site. I'm all for that. It's what we do. However, stupid simple works too so why not try give it a try for starters.

In this episode of "Defining Infusionsoft Success," Jorge interviews Karen Magill and they go over how she promotes her "7 Day Towards Financial Stability Challenge." She's promoting it:

  • using regular Facebook posts (not paid ones),
  • promoting it in Facebook groups and
  • by connecting with people she knows (like me).

Then she runs her challenge in a closed Facebook group instead of a membership site.

Like I said, a team like ours is all about membership site building using tools like Infusionsoft, Memberium and others, but this Facebook closed group based membership site approach can work just fine for many programs.

You can click here to get to to join Karen's financial stability challenge.