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AppointmentCore Offers Some Very Nice Infusionsoft Integration

For the past few months I’ve been noticing these AppointmentCore ads in my Facebook feed. As an Infusionsoft expert and marketing automation consultant, I’m used to seeing them. They target me figuring I can help them promote their solution to my Infusionsoft marketing automation clients. I’m bombarded with offers like this all the time. This one ended up in my, “Things to check out later” folder which is a sad place to be. I can rarely make the time to review them.

What got me to take a closer look was that an Infusionsoft client of mine requested help configuring AppointmentCore. They needed to needed to automate the scheduling of appointments for a free 30 minute consultation offer we had previously set up for her.

If you visit, you’ll see the 30 minute phone consultation offered prominently throughout the site. Our initial approach for scheduling calls involved having an office admin reach out to clients requesting 30 minute consultation call. It enabled them to talk to these clients and learn about their needs, but now Page was want to upgrade the process. She wanted to people wanting time on her calendar to grab it for themselves with no manual work required by her and her staff.

There are many options available on the market for scheduling time on your calendar. TimeTrader is the one I am most familiar using. What AppointmentCore offers that I haven’t seen in other solutions is integration with Infusionsoft. TimeTrader and other solutions offer great features, but they do NOT allow you is online calendar scheduling that works hand-in-hand with Infusionsoft marketing automation campaigns.

This is important when you want to make sure the person that scheduled the appointment picks a time that works best for them and shows up for the call. It’s also valuable because it can now interact with other campaigns that make up your marketing automation sales funnel.

If people schedule the meeting using something like TimeTrader, Infusionsoft doesn’t know it happened. You cannot configure a campaign to stay on the contact to make sure they schedule a time. You have no ability to stop emailing the client after they have scheduled the appointment. You have no way of signaling Infusionsoft to send them reminders so they remember to attend.

We integrated AppointmentCore with Page’s gmail calendar. AppointmentCore integrates with all the major calendaring systems you might be using. When the time is scheduled, AppointmentCore notifies Infusionsoft that an appointment is scheduled. It can be set to apply an Infusionsoft tag which in turn triggers a campaign goal. For a scenario like Page’s, you can set up a campaign with email reminders right up to the last minute. It offers very precise controls.

What most impressed me is that I got a phone call from Ted Moskovitz, AppointmentCore’s VP of Business Development, the afternoon after I set up a trial account. He was very interested in what I thought of the program and asked if I needed assistance.

I’m sure Ted saw me as a good potential partner for his solution, but I admire companies that can so quickly respond to an opportunity like he did. Ted filled me in that Infusionsoft named AppointmentCore the 2013 Battle of the Apps winner. This is a big deal if you know the kind of applications that sign up for that competition. It has a strong set of features, is very reasonably priced and is intergrated with Infusionsoft. Yayy!

We have a lot of customers that need a scheduling function like this. I’ve already included for scheduling in another client project and plan to offer it in proposals requiring this feature going forward. As I learn more about this, I’ll keep you all posted.
Hope this helps!

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