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Marketing Automation Requires You Understand the Buying Process

I do a lot of research to stay informed in the Infusionsoft, Marketo and marketing automation space.  You can't be effective doing what I do if you don't stay sharp on marketing automation:

  • industry best practices,
  • vendor publications and information briefs and
  • experimentation.

We're always experimenting with new ideas.  Sometimes we build these learning exercises into a client project as an experiment.  We don't charge the client, but they could benefit if the experiment turns out well.  Other times we'll run an experment using your own marketing campaigns to see what we can discover.

Things are changing that fast that you have to do this or you'll very quickly become uninformed, out of touch and possibly out of business.

As part of my reading, I ran into this Marketo marketing automation blog article called, "How Consumers Decide: Marketing for the 5-Step Model."  It's not earth shattering in what it reveals, but anyone wanting to understand why they need marketing automation should review this.

If you are serious about making use of email marketing to engage prospects, you have to learn about these 5 steps.  It refers to information published back in the '60 proving that although technology changes, human behavior stay pretty much constant.

I'll be publishing more information about marketing automation and how it applies to small and medium sized businesses.  Let me know what you think.

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