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Are You Selling What Your Customer Will Buy?

Experts selling our know how often miss the mark when explaining why customers should buy it. The have great services delivered as a consulting service, membership program or online course, but struggle to get customers to really notice them. The cause is typically that we can't see what we do through the eyes of perspective customers.

It's a big problem. A customer that's perfect fit for our solution misses out. We fail at getting revenue we badly want. It's a matter of not understanding what our customer's true pain is and how we can deliver a cure for that pain.

This is part 1 of my "What I Learned in Madrid About Marketing" where I go over an example from my travels here. My wife and I signed us up for a local walking tour she found on Facebook. It was set to visit several churches that have outstanding Nativity scenes. One even won a gold medal award for their work.

Yet when talking to different people that visited the tour we found that we are all there for different reasons. That one tour that took people to exactly the same places satisfied different needs we were all wanting to address.

This is a mistake we often make when promoting our services. We "think" we know what drives our customers, but we know our own stuff so well we have a hard time seeing how they see it.

Watch the video for some insight on this.