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Are You the Last to Know You Have Smelly, Wet Dog Syndrome?

My puppy Mango snuggled up and, "Ugh!"  He smelled.  He's walking around all happy-go-lucky not knowing that playing in the rain earlier left him smelling really bad.  He had no clue, but my wife, daughters and I didn't want him near us.

A bath took care of it, but when this happens in your business, it's not so easy.

I see this happen a lot.  A business owner, who's really good at the services they provide in person or one-on-one, offers what they do to an online audience.  He's wanting to sell what he does online and they're the right person to do that.  But then his prospects look at him like he's a smelly, wet dog.  There's nothing in his offer that interests them.  What's worse is that the typical ideal customer won't tell them that instead of attracting them, he's shooing them away.

What's the issue?  You are so familiar with what you know that it's difficult to see what most concerns prospects BEFORE they reach out to you.  You are the expert:

  • providing legal advise,
  • coaching in a specific niche,
  • consulting to customers that respect your knowledge in your specialty,
  • or something else.

You aren't the expert at seeing what are the biggest fears, challenges and concerns prospects face when they have a need for what they do.

It's happened to me with my business.  I ran some market research on building online courses.  My ideal clients are experts successfully providing services and now they want to put their programs online.  I went into my research project assuming technology was their biggest challenge.  You know what?  Technology was an issue, but what really kept my best prospects up at night was the fear they'd invest a ton of time building an online course and that no one would buy it.

That lit up a big light bulb in my head. I had a solution available for addressing that fear.  Delivering a program to address the technology issue would take some work. So it enabled me to offer something right away and that took little effort to launch.

Our team offers a program anyone can use to test the market with some research templates.  They enable any business owner to easily run their market research asking prospects what they want.  It works.

But even before you take on something like that, I recommend talking to your customer.  Get them to tell you and they will.

Too many time we experts are so "contaminated," as I like to say, by all we know. That "contamination" keeps us from seeing what we do the way someone without our expertise sees it. Getting past that by asking the right questions gets you the information you need so you don’t become that smelly who's the last to know they really stink.

Hope this helps.