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Are You Training Just for the Tech Skills of the Job?

I visit the dog park pretty often to train my dogs. I bring treats and do “sit” and a few others, but the training I’m talking about is getting my dogs used to other dogs, new situations and experiences they wouldn’t otherwise never have.

It’s similar to what I do for building my team. For a team like ours, of course, we have to train on the specifics. We need to all learn Infusionsoft, Memberium, WordPress and membership site best practices. That’s a given.

What I find is even more important is training in day-to-day operational standards. We need to all know how to leverage the best of what other team members have to offer. We need to understand what our overall goal is with an account so we don’t just do our job. We need to also get us and our client closer to what it is we are both needing to achieve.

I find that there’s nothing like on the job training for getting that to happen. But it only happens by keeping a close watch on those soft skills that aren’t always clear to new team members.

So I’m off to the dog park with my team so every team member is top notch on all the necessary job and team skills we need.